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Did you miss our presales? Don't worry, you will soon be able to join the leading peloton!

You can still find all the information about our products on this page.


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(We will ask you the colour you want (grey or yellow) after the Kickstarter, through the dedicated form).

  • Why use a power meter?

A power sensor makes it possible to directly measure the intensity of the effort made by the cyclist. You can then follow the effort that you produce and the power that you develop on your GPS bike computer.

  • Why is it important to know this?

Unlike heart rate, power is independent of your state of stress, fatigue, hydration or weather conditions. The measurements made by the sensors are objective, independent of your feelings. Thanks to this data, you will be able to make your workouts much more precise and efficient.

Better knowledge of your performance and abilities also helps you manage effort: a definite advantage for those who practice competitively, but also for those who simply love to push themselves.

CyclOptim is above all the story of a competitive scientist, passionate about cycling: Simon. 

​The adventure starts from a simple observation: technical innovation is good, optimizing the athlete’s performance is better. This is where the greatest room for improvement lies. 

The quest for performance requires adequate and optimized equipment. This is undeniable; but just as a good camera won't make you a professional photographer, a great bike won't make you the best rider.


The quality of training is essential, but access to the best technologies should not be restricted to professionals. This is the raison d'être of our company SportOptim: sports innovation to realize potential and develop talents by making professional technologies accessible to enthusiasts.


With a cyclist - mountain biker as founder, it's no wonder that cycling is the first sector being developed by the company. 

After almost two years of research & development and prototyping, we are proud to present to you:

Changement de plateforme VTT route.gif

You no longer need to have different sensors for each sport: road or mountain bike, it is up to you. 

In addition to being ultra-practical and economical, this design helps protect your sensors from impacts and infiltration, making it optimal for all terrains.

All our pedals are quick and easy to install on all your bikes including your Home Trainer - even the little cousin's trike, or the neighbour's unicycle

CyclOptim technology gives you access to precise data, directly related to your performance.


Our goal is to help you optimize your training and make your outings even more fun. Constantly surpass yourself. 

  • Power: Measure the intensity of your effort.

  • Cadence: Work on your velocity and your force.

  • Pedalling efficiency: Fluidify your movements. 

  • Right / left leg balance: Focus your efforts where you need to (Feature not available in lite versions). 


Really easy to charge

Your pedals can be charged without being removed from your bike as the magnetic connector is accessible from the back of the crank. Our pedals come with one USB charger cable by Power Meter. You can either charge your pedals with a phone charger or with an external battery when you're on the go.

Tech Specs

Fiche Technique@2x.png

As you can tell, the mission we have set for ourselves is to popularize technologies that are sometimes still very elitist, encourage the practice of sport, make your training more motivating and fun with direct feedback.

Of course, to help you achieve your goals!

On our side, our goal was to develop products that are accessible but also meaningful. The past year has motivated us even more, and we are happy to tell you that CyclOptim is the first brand of power meter pedals designed and manufactured in France.

There is a dual benefit to this choice: to promote the know-how of the French industry and reduce the environmental impact by bringing the place of production closer to your pedalling area.

But how do we manage to offer you these rates? It's simple: 

  • Lower overhead costs. 

  • Fewer intermediaries in our supply chain.

  • An optimized design to use a maximum of standard components.

  • Reasonable marketing.

The price in details


Starting mass production requires the purchase of industrial moulds, so our goal is to reach relatively large quantities to make this investment.

These quantities also allow us to negotiate economies of scale with our industrial partners.  

This allows us to offer you even more interesting Kickstarter prices: a way of thanking you for supporting us in this essential stage of our project.

Once the Kickstarter goal is reached, thanks to you, we will get back to you to find out your choices in terms of standard for MACADAM series (Look-Keo or Shimano SPD-SL). 

The manufacture of the moulds can be started. And the first deliveries will take place from the 4th quarter of this year. 


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